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Potty Training

L.V. asks from Denver

Hello Ladies, I have a 14-month-old, who is showing an interest in potty training. I would like to encouage him, without pushing him. I am looking for recommendatio...


Potty Training

S.N. asks from Houston

I am requesting some info to help out my sister potty train her almost 4 year old daughter. She is still wearing diapers, and refuses to use the toilet. She will go...


Potty Training

J.K. asks from Austin

Hi everyone, I have been potty training my 3 year old... I taught him to pee standing up because I have had problems with the potty seats.. They are too small and ...


Potty Training

M.P. asks from Wichita

Hello! I have an amazing 17mth old little girl who is showing signs she wants to start potty training. Yes I know this is a little early, but for the past 2-3 months ...


Potty Training

M.H. asks from Washington DC

I need some great tips on potty training. Everything you have. I know my daughter is ready she says it, but she fights the potty I bought her. Help me please. She ...


Potty Training

J.K. asks from Chicago

Hello ladies! Please recommend your training potty for your little ones!!! Thanks! :-)


Pull Ups When Potty Training

A.B. asks from Reading

My husband and I have started planning our potty training attack for my almost 2 year old daughter. However, we can't agree on one topic. I think we should skip the p...


What's the Best Potty for My Little Girl?

J.S. asks from Boston

Hello Moms. I posted less than two months ago - my now 17 month old is totally ready to potty train - announces when she has to go poop and pee, wakes up dry from nap...


Potty Training Chairs

T.K. asks from Chicago

Can anyone recommend a good potty training chair/seat for a boy? I have been checking reviews on Babies r us and target, but nothing is really looking good.


Help Potty Training and Public Restrooms

B.K. asks from Detroit

Help! I'm terrified of germs and my son has been doing really great at potty training. When we are out in public I always put on pull ups for him, but he cries b/c he...