Potty Training: Cosco

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Potty Training

L.O. asks from Provo

I all I am having a difficult time training my 2 yr old. He'll be 3 in June. I know he is ready because when he poops in his diaper he takes it off and brings it to...


In Need of Good Diapers!

K.R. asks from New York

My son is 6 months old and 20lb 8oz, 27 inches. He's a big boy with chunker legs! I was using Pampers Cruisers size 3 and they were literally cutting his theighs! I s...


Recommendations on Diapers for Heavy Wetters.

C.B. asks from Detroit

Does anyone have a recommendation for diapers that work good for heavy wetters? My son is 3 mo old and is leaking almost everyday. I've tried Pampers in 2's and 3's...


2 Year Old DD Taking off Clothes at Bed Time

K.K. asks from Reading

I know this happens and its a phase but how do you get through it??? My daughter is a little older then 2 and has started taking off her clothes and diaper at night ...


Saving $$ - Organic Food and Diapers/wipes

S.C. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies, I currently make baby food for my little one. I have been buying organic produce at Whole Foods but it's expensive. Does anyone know how I can keep buyi...


Wipes for a Sensitive Tooshie

D.S. asks from Chicago

My newborn (8 weeks) has had severe diaper rash issues ... never encountered this with my 2.5 year old daughter. I have the treatment handled but am using tons of to...


Calling All Penny Pinchers!

G.S. asks from San Diego

My husband and I are trying to cut down our spending significantly so that we can afford to have me be a stay at home mom. We have already cut out all the extra's in...


Taking a Shower

L.W. asks from Boston

I have a ten month old boy who is very active and walking. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can manage to shower while being home alone and keep him safe...


How to save on Grocery Bill

R.N. asks from Cincinnati

Can anyone give me some advice on how to save on our monthly grocery bill? I have a hard time keeping it under $500-600 a month and that's just for a family of three...