Potty Training: Babies 'R' Us

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Ready to Potty Train??

My 15 month odl daughter has started telling my husband and I when she pees, or poops in her diaper. She wants us to change her as soon as she does it. Is this a sign that she is getting ready to potty train, or is she simply telling us she doesn't like a dirty diaper??

Complicating Factors

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Need Potty Training Advice

I need some suggestions. I am planning to start potty training my son when he turns 31/2. I keep on talking to him about not wearing diapers anymore and going potty on the big potty, but all he says is that he wants to wear diapers. So I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions for a quick way to potty train. I have heard people mention a 3 day potty training. Have any of you ever used that method and it work. How does it work? I would like something that is going to be fast. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

How to Start

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What Do I Need to Start Potty Training?

I am finally ready to begin potty training next week with my 2 1/2 year old daughter. We've had a lot of false starts and practice, but I'm finally ready and I think she is too. So here's the question: What do I need to have on hand to help with this? I have a potty, of course, that we've used here and there from time to time. I have training pants and my reward system all figured out. I'm thinking that I need a "piddle pad" to use in the car in case she has an accident in her car seat. I even have a little portable potty for the car...