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Want to Lose 10 Pounds

L.D. asks from Burlington

I am short, only 4 feet 10 inches. I am looking to lose 10 pounds before my birthday in late February. I am not sure how much I weigh now, but I know its too much! My...


Help Me Help My Husband!

J.M. asks from San Diego

My husband is really trying to lose 20 lbs but having a hard time staying on the wagon. He is a big night snacker and often doesn't have time to eat at work so he co...


Trying to Lose Weight

J.G. asks from New York

Hi there Mamas! I am trying to lose weight and I just joined weight watchers online. More than getting to a specific weight I am trying to get into a particular skir...


I Don't Do BMI Calculators Work for You?

S.S. asks from Cincinnati

I have always had problems with my weight. I am 5ft2 and when I was 18 I weighed 285 pds. Then i developed bulimia and by the time I was 21 I was 140 pds and a size f...


Help-Bleach Spot on New Carpet! Any Ideas?

A.P. asks from Dayton

Hello I am looking for any help. We have neutral colored, mini-shag carpet and I accidently sprayed cleaner w/bleach on it. The spot is in the middle of the living ...


Tumors/nodules on Thyroid

J.S. asks from Jacksonville

I have been dealing with nodules on my Thyroid for several years. I just came back from the Endocrinologist and the two that I have doubled in size in the past two ye...


No Nail on Big toe...and It's JUNE!

P.P. asks from Chicago

So, last October, I was cleaning out our "junk" closet and had a little accident which essentially pulled one of my big toenails completely up. It's been black and "...


Strange Swelling in Vaginal/groin Area During Pregnancy

M.K. asks from Sheboygan

I am about 24 weeks pregnant with #2. THe last few days I have had some pain/discomfort on the right side of my pubic bone, toward, but not in the groin line. Upon ...


Any Dog/cat Mamas Out There? Make Your Own Pet Food?

J.K. asks from Mansfield

I have been doing alot of research on pet food lately (since my 13 year old rottie is probably not gonna make it much longer... I started out looking for ways to help...


Is This a Healthy Food?

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

So on this Tuesday morning I have decided to not only pass up the strawberry desert but the chocolate cake for breakfast as well and got a bluberry yogurt parfait. I...