Playing with Others

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Too Young for Playdate?

A.M. asks from Dallas

my son is 3months old and I can already see him not responding well to other people.when is it to age appropiate to try and socialize him with kids his age?


Looking for Playgroup for in Orlando Area for 2 Year Old

H.H. asks from Orlando

I am trying to find a playgroup in the Orlando area for myself and a 2 year old.


First Playdate- Need Ideas

S.F. asks from Orlando

I am having my first playdate at my house this week for my daughter who is 2. The other child is also 2. I have know the mother for a few years from a previous job, b...


Seeking a Play Group for Infants

S.W. asks from Dallas

I am looking for moms of infants (my son is 5 months old) to get together!


Playdate Ideas Needed!

L.S. asks from Los Angeles

My 5 year old son is going to have his second playdate and I want to make sure things go well. Any tips about keeping things running smoothly? He has lots of toys he ...


Playdate Time Question

K.B. asks from Seattle

Ok Moms, here is my dilemma- We invited a friend over for a playdate on a no school morning. When the mom asked what time I said drop him off around 9-9:30 am. ...


Any Play Date Ideas for a Soon to Be 8Yo on Her Birthday?

A.F. asks from Detroit

Does anyone have any suggestions for a play date for my soon-to-be 8 year old daughter? We have the big parities on the milestone birthdays, this year just looking t...


I Am Weirded About This playdate...What Can It Be?

M.M. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, here is the story: I got an e-mail from a Mom in my son's class who said that her son is new to the school and that he has been asking to get together with m...


1 Year Old with down Syndrome - Play Date

A.G. asks from Baton Rouge

A girl that I grew up with had a child a few months after me and she has down syndrome. I'm not sure how to ask this in the "politically correct" way so my apologies ...


Handling Continuous Play Date Cancellers

A.W. asks from Dayton

Our family needs some help in how to handle a few mothers who are consistent play date cancellers. These are individual play dates with one family. In other words th...