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Advice for Scheduled C-section

M.S. asks from Portland

I had my first daughter in October 2009 and am due with our second child in 10 weeks. The doctor has scheduled a c-section for me at the end of April about a week bef...


How Do You People Keep Your Houses Spotless?

T.H. asks from New York

I am curious as to how it seems everyones house seems spotless all the time, i mean, i work part time, come home, clean, play with the kids, etc... we live in a 3 bed...


Electronic Reader Thing

A.W. asks from Kalamazoo

Hi all, I'm not familiar at all with the "readers" - Kindle, Nook etc. We travel alot and I'm thinking of getting the kids one for Christmas to use on a 3wk long va...


Time to Get Rid of the Nap?

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms - My son has always been a good napper. Last year, when he was three and in preschool from 9:00 to 12:30, he'd come home and nap from 1:30 to 3:30 or 4:00. ...


Seeking Gift Ideas for SIL Pregnant W/twins About to Go on Bedrest.

H.J. asks from Boston

Does anyone have any good ideas for a woman who is about to go on bedrest and having twins? Does bedrest usually mean laying down? Should I look at pillows that wil...


Gift Ideas for Dad?

N.P. asks from Chicago

Hi... My creativity is at a low point. My dad will be turning 67 in a couple of weeks. He is impossible to shop for and always states he wants nothing. Well, this ...


New Baby

J.M. asks from Tyler

I am wondering if you have any ideas on how to prepare my 20 month old for a new baby. She will be two when the baby is born. I want her to feel like she is still o...


Help with Weightloss

S.N. asks from Port St. Lucie

I'm on a neverending quest to lose weight. It seems like a constant struggle. It's hard to find time to do much because I work, Monday through Friday 9-5, then I go h...


Too Young to Be Boy Crazy.

J.K. asks from Casper

Hello, I have a six year old daughter that has shown signs of being preoccupied with boys. I looked through a notebook of hers and found several notes that read, ...


New Bedroom

J.L. asks from Atlanta

You have all been so helpful in the past - I have come once again for advice. We finished decorating a room for my 2 year old. What is the best way to transition hi...