Playing with Others: The First Years

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Should My Teenager Date This Boy?

I need some advice about my teenager. Her name is Angela, and she's 17. She really likes this boy Andy, but her father says that she's too young to date him. The only things is....he's super sweet and she totally crazy about him. He's very courteous and a gentleman, but he's 22. Is this too old? Should I allow her to carry this relationship on in private, without her father knowledge. I have 5 other beautiful children and we're just now heading into the dating years. What should I do?

Social Skills

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Is First Years or Evenflo Breast Pumps Any Good?

When my son and daughter were born premature, the WIC offices where I lived provided a motorized Medella pump supplied from a medical supply store. Obviously this was very good. I know that Medellas are sold in Target but I also seen other brands. Is there an "off" brand ie, Evenflo, First Years, etc. that is comparable but without the price??