Playing with Others: Infant

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Want to Start a Play Group

J.L. asks from Port St. Lucie

I would like to start a play group/time swap with other moms/parents in my area. Once or twice a week for our kids to play together and/or baby sitting for 2 hours a...


What Would You Have Done at This Playdate?

P.R. asks from Cleveland

My older daughter has had a good friend for about a year who moved to another school nearby. The last time the friend was at our house was my daughter's bday party a...


Looking for a Mom Group / Play Group

A.M. asks from Dallas

Just moved to the DFW area from Las Vegas back in December. I am Looking to meet other moms and find pals for my little guy who is 8 months. I currently live in the L...


Playgroup Question

J.S. asks from New York

My friend wants to bring her teenager to our playgroup. I feel the teenager should be with people his own age, or stay home during the summer, and not join the playg...


Kicked Out of Playdate for Coughing?!

L.M. asks from Dallas

Ok, so, I'm really upset about this, and I'm wondering a) if this has happened to anyone else and b) if you think the mom was out of line. My daughter is 2 1/2 and we...


Playdate Etiquette

N.D. asks from Portland

i set up a playdate with my daughter's classmate at the classmate's house next week. she's been to our house previously to play but i don't know much about the paren...


Playdate Repercussions!

J.L. asks from Los Angeles

A little while ago I asked a question here about playdate protocol. Thanks everyone who answered! But! Little did I know what trouble was a-brewing! My son went o...


Playdate Concerns

K.K. asks from Erie

DD 4 was recently invited to a playdate at a classmate's home. I did meet mom once, but don't have a clue as to their lifestyle (smoking, pets, guns in the house etc...


Handling a Playdate Bully

T.W. asks from Syracuse

My son started preschool in Sept. and has been making some new friends. Recently he's been having some play dates with another 3 year old boy in the class. The prob...


Play Date Etiquette

K.C. asks from Washington DC

We're having our first play date tomorrow. It's here at our house. Both kids are about 20 months old. What etiquette do I need to be aware of? They're coming at 10 a...