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Best Advice for a Growing Family?

So we are 3 weeks away from welcoming son #2 into our family, and I am starting to get a bit overwhelmed! Big brother will turn 3 a few days before my due date, and is very excited to meet his baby brother (although I don't think he has a clue how it will change things in his day to day life). We have been talking about the baby and reading lots of books about new siblings and he has a pretty good understanding of the basics of a new baby, he likes to talk to the baby and sing him songs and loves to help get the nursery ready. So my...

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Problem with Keeping Socks on My 8 Month Old

My 8 month old will not keep his socks on (common problem - I know). It wasn't a big deal, but now that it's starting to get cold, I want him to keep his socks on. We're constantly on the go, so I'll find we're out somewhere and he's taken off his socks & thrown them who knows where!! : ) I feel like I've read about certain shoes or socks that babies can't pull off (or have a very hard time pulling off), but I'm drawing a blank - anyone have any good suggestions? Thank you!

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Winter Clothing for My Newborn - What to Buy and How to Dress

Hi all, I am expecting my baby in October and need advice on how to dress her during the Winter. She'd be hardly 1-4 months then, and Chicago has bad winters. What stuff should I buy, how do I dress her if/when I need to take her out? How do I dress her at home? I read somewhere that heating at home should be maintained at not more than 70F, and am planning to do the same.. Need suggestions on what blankets/clothing to buy for her... Help please, and thank you in advance!

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Baby Shower for #2

I have a friend who lives out of town, but would like to come down and throw...