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Play Group for Lawton-Ft. Sill, OK

S.B. asks from Lawton

I was just wondering if anyone had a play group. I have a little boy who would love to play.. He needs to interact with other children his age. Thanks


Play Date Boy/Girl

M.B. asks from Washington DC

My daughter is in second grade. She'll be 8 in July. Her friend is in the same class, he'll be 8 in August. They are good friends at school according to my daughte...


Play Date + SIL = Drama?

H.P. asks from Houston

Okay, so this is probably more of a vent/rant than a request. I have come to you before regarding my non-relationship with my SIL (husband's brother's wife). This c...


Play Date Pick up Battle

L.M. asks from Chicago

So my daughter and her friends have so much fun, that when it's time for pick up there is a lot of dawdling going on, whether I'm picking her up or her friends mom is...


How Do You Nicely Turn down a Play Date?

A.J. asks from Atlanta

You guys were so awesome with my last question I have another for ya! How do you nicely turn down a play date? My daughter has a friend that she's had since kindergar...


Looking for a Playdate

T.D. asks from Tampa

Hello! I am lookinmg for a playdate for my 19 month old son Landon. I am a SAHM and am looking for him to meet other kids as well as other moms.


Playgroup Question

J.S. asks from New York

My friend wants to bring her teenager to our playgroup. I feel the teenager should be with people his own age, or stay home during the summer, and not join the playg...



B.E. asks from New York

OK, a 3-parter here. My son is 4 and all previous playdates have either been with long-term friends (like, from birth) or random kids we've met on the playground...


Playdate Etiquette

B.R. asks from York

My friend and I (both first time moms) have been getting our babies together for Tuesday play-dates. Both boys are in the mouthing stage right now. What is the etiq...


New Mom Needing to Find Mom Group and Play Group

H.G. asks from Dallas

I am a first time mom with a two month old son. My husband and I decided that me staying home with our son was best for us, but that has left me with limited adult i...