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Play Group?

A.D. asks from Grand Rapids

Is there anyone interested in starting a play group? or does anyone know of any play groups that already exist?


Homeschooling a 3 Year Old

E.B. asks from Miami

Any advice on starting a cuuriculum for my 3 year old. I'm a SAHM and our budget is slim, right now I can't afford to get him into half day preschool. The least expen...


Unruly 3 Year Old

D.D. asks from Syracuse

I wrote a couple of weeks ago and i really need some advise. My 3 year old girl is completely out of control. She does not listen to anyone, she is horribly bratty,...


Playdates or Forming a Playgroup

K.G. asks from Boston

I am looking for some playdates or to form a playgroup around the Tyngsboro area for my 1 year old twins. Anyone interested?


How to Leave a Play Group?

W.C. asks from San Antonio

I’m sad. My 3yr old daughter and I have been a part of a playgroup across town for a while. I’ve decided to leave it for a number of reasons. I have had a couple ...


First Play Date with Friend from School

K.D. asks from Washington DC

My four year old has been invited over to a classmate's house this weekend for a play date. I only know the mother from seeing her at school when we are picking up t...


Looking for a Play Group in Noblesville

A.G. asks from Indianapolis

I am looking for a playgroup in Noblesville or I want to start one. My son is almost 3 years old and I want him to have some friends to play with. I also have a 1 yea...


4 Year Old Needs to Go to Preschool...

L.N. asks from Benton Harbor

Hi Moms~ I am having trouble deciding about preschool and I could use some advice, particularly from those of you with a background in child development! My 4 yea...


I Have a 3 Year old...enough Said :)

J.L. asks from Portland

OK, mainly I'm just venting, but of course would love any ideas, input, etc. from those who have or have had 3 year old boys. My biggest frustration is...why in the w...


Play Group

G. asks from San Antonio

I have noticed a lot of incoming requests on playgroups from people who are moving in from out of town this summer. I also have moved from out of town (Dallas) and wo...