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Playdate Etiquette

N.D. asks from Portland

i set up a playdate with my daughter's classmate at the classmate's house next week. she's been to our house previously to play but i don't know much about the paren...


Playgroup Squabble

A.H. asks from Waterloo

I am having some issues with a few of the moms in my playgroup. One mom is the "organizer" which just means that she signed up the group online. Since members have ...


Seeking Playdates

E.H. asks from San Francisco

Hello: Any playgroups/playdates in Redwood City or near - I have a 3 year old boy and a 3 month old boy. Thanks.


Play Date Drama

B.P. asks from New York

Hi Moms, My son just turned 3 and we sometimes do playdates with my friend's daughter who is almost 4 1/2. They are both strong willed children. My son is...



J.V. asks from Chicago

When my daughter was 6 months, we started the mommy and me circuit: we started swim, music and story time classes. Then at 9 months, I found a playgroup. She is now 2...


Seeking Playgroup in Alpharetta Ga

K.M. asks from Atlanta

my family is fairly new to the Alpharetta area and I am having such a challenge forming new friendships and playgroups! There are no little kids in my neighborhood. ...


Playdates - Only Child

L.K. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 8, and before her feet hit the ground in the morning, she is asking who can she have a playdate with either after homework or over the coming weekend. ...


Looking for a Mom Group / Play Group

A.M. asks from Dallas

Just moved to the DFW area from Las Vegas back in December. I am Looking to meet other moms and find pals for my little guy who is 8 months. I currently live in the L...


1 Year Old Cries During Play Group

A.R. asks from Dallas

OK, I need some help! My little girl has been going with me to play groups since she was born. In the past 5 months or so, a few of the other babies like to scream ...


How Early Did Your Children Join a Playgroup?

H.J. asks from Raleigh

I have a four month old daughter. She does not go to daycare and is not around other children. At what age did you start having your children go to a playgroup and ...