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Peanut Allergy + Preschool in Tulsa

S.S. asks from Tulsa

Does anyone have a child with peanut allergy in Tulsa? I'm having Extreme difficulties finding a school that will work with me on this. My sons going to preschool in ...


Question About IEP and 504 Plans

S.S. asks from Port St. Lucie

My son has been diagnosed with autism and has an iep. He is very high functioning and is in a normal kindergarten class, and actually is very smart and learned all of...


Would This Strike You as Odd?

E.M. asks from Phoenix

We went to a birthday party this weekend. Just before the birthday candles were lit, one mom brought her son over to the host and said "we have to leave now, because...


Cookbook for Toddler

S.V. asks from Los Angeles

Hi ladies! I have a wonderful 14 month old that is a picky eater-does anyone know of a good cookbook that I can buy with yummy recepies? I also found out that he ...


Need Advise on a Toddler with a Newly Diagnosed Peanut Allergy

S.N. asks from Washington DC

My 22 mnth old daughter was recently diagnosed with a allergy to peanuts. If there are any moms out there who have children with this conditon, please offer advise on...


Help! Almost 3 Year Old Won't Eat!

L.L. asks from Seattle

I have a boy who will be 3 end of July who hasn't eaten in over 30 hours. I have read lots of places that in order to get kids that age to eat things, that you should...


Newly Diagnosed Milk Allergy

J.C. asks from Boston

Hi Ladies! My 21 month old son was just diagnosed yesterday with a "moderate" milk allergy. Lately he's been getting a rash on his body and has been on desonide cream...


Child Depressed over Food Intolerance

C.M. asks from Chicago

My 10-year old SD was recently diagnosed with food intolerances. She gets really bad migraines and stomachaches. With the help of a doctor and an elimination diet we ...


Introducing Solids

M.R. asks from York

Hey everyone! My baby is 6 months old and we just started solids this past week! He is doing great and loves the cereal! I am mixing it with breast milk and he took t...


Would This Make You Mad?

J.S. asks from Jacksonville

Yesterday I had a biopsy done on my thyroid. It is a relatively simple process, and though it left me pretty sore last night, I am doing much better this morning. How...