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Baby Shower

G.R. asks from Dallas

hello i am trowing a baby shower for my sister in law and is the first time a do a baby shower so i need some help with ideas what to do what to serve? thank you


Baby Shower

C.H. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have any suggestion on giving a baby shower I'm planning a surprise shower for my friend and I need some ideas to what kind of games to play and what kind...


What to Do for a Baby Shower

M.P. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, I'll have a baby shower but I don't know what kind of food do I have to give. Please help me.


Need Help in Planing a Twin Baby Shower

B.C. asks from Altoona

My daughter is having twins a boy and a girl in June.she has 2 children 5 and 2. Does anyone one have any ideas on planning a twin baby shower and how do I include my...


Baby Shower

A.N. asks from Indianapolis

My sister in law is throwing a baby shower for me in 2 weeks but has yet to get invites out in the mail. I am frustrated because I feel like she isn't giving people ...


Baby Shower

M.L. asks from Shreveport

Hi how are you all doing? My question is i am about to have my 3rd child and i have never had a baby shower i wanted to know i plan everybodys babyshower i know but n...


SIL Not Planning to Attend My Baby Shower

S.C. asks from Chicago

My husband and I are so excited about our first baby due in October! Of course the soon-to-be grandparents (on both sides) are thrilled as well. A few weekends ago ...


Baby Shower

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

Does anyone have suggestions about when I should have a baby shower? A friend or two are interested in throwing me one but don't know when I should have it. I was tol...


Need Planning Advice for My Sister's Baby Shower

L.W. asks from St. Louis

Ok, so I've planned my share of baby showers, but there's a delicate situation here. My sister lost her first daughter 15 days after she was born and while that was a...


Baby Shower

M.S. asks from Chicago

Fast question: My neice is having her second child this summer, the oldest is 5. She is giving herself a baby shower for this second child. I find this a bit on t...