Places to Take a Toddler

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Fun Indoor Play-Places

J.W. asks from New York

I'm looking for some fun, new places I can take my almost 3 year old to. Not to take classes at, but someplace that has open gym times. We've been to Wee Play in Na...


Wheres Your Messy place?.........just for Fun

A.G. asks from Houston

I like ,but have never asked, a fun question on here. Where do you throw your random stuff that has no place?, Or your stuff you need to disappear right away and ...


Looking for Fun Places to Take My Son

S.S. asks from Omaha

I have been taking my 20 month old son to the childrens play area @ the malls once a week for several months now. It's getting rather old and I was wondering if anyon...


Fun Places to Go Close to Home for Kids

D.K. asks from Denver

We are such a tight budget and with my doing the part time daycare at home, my kids and I have never been on a "vacation". I really want to plan something fun for th...


Do You Let Your Kids Bring Friends to Fun Places?

R.M. asks from San Angelo

We usually let our kids take a friend along(carnival, movies, park). I like taking other kids when they get along with mine and it adds to the fun. We treat because...



A. asks from Phoenix

My good friend and her family are coming to the Phoenix area and I am looking for some fun activities to do while they are here. My boys are 2 1/2 and 7 months and h...


Fun Indoor Places

C.F. asks from Dallas

Well now that its winter and really cold Im running out of things to go do w/ my daughter. We nromally went to the park and outdoors things but now its too cold. We a...


Looking for Fun, Inexpensive Activities

N.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Mommies, I just left my jobs a couple of weeks ago and have a lot more time with my 4 year old. Any suggestions on activities we can do together or him by him...


Tantrums When Leaving Fun Activities

N.B. asks from Washington DC

My 2 1/2 year old son throws crazy tantrums when we have to leave the park or library or friends' houses. I try giving him five minute, then three minute, then one mi...


Activities That Are Both Safe and Fun

M.O. asks from Dallas

I need some ideas on how to keep my daughter busy while I do chores around the house. My daughter has the tendency to try to do everything I do (e.g. vacuum, fold clo...