Places to Take a Toddler: Curves

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Need Fitness Place/ideas

K.C. asks from Dallas

I really need to loose a few pounds but don't have a lot of money to spend on a gym membership. Does anyone know an affordable place to work out or for aerobics (pre...


Activities for 5 Y/o and Under

A.V. asks from South Bend

Hi! I am a stay at home mom of 3. I also watch my nephew who is just 3 days older than my youngest. I'd love to get some creative ideas for arts/crafts or new ideas ...


Paranormal Activity Question

C.A. asks from New York

Back in June of 2010 we had some strange things happening in our apartment. My young daughter came running out of her room saying a ghost came through her wall and we...


Indoor Places Where a Two-year-old Can Play Sports with Dad

P.C. asks from Portland

Is there any place in the Portland, Oregon, area where a dad might be able to find a space where he and his son could play actively? This would be for those times ...