Placenta Previa

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Has Anyone Been Diagnose with Placenta Previa?

M.A. asks from San Francisco

Hello Ladies, My name is Taca. I am 21 weeks pregnant and I was diagnose with placenta previa at my last ultrasound. However, I have not seen my midwife yet. If you...


Just Diagnosed with Placenta Previa

L.L. asks from Charleston

Hi moms, I just went for my 20 week u/s even though I am only 18 weeks along, I am going out of town and had to push it up 2 weeks. I was diagnosed with Placenta Pr...


Anybody Familiar with Placenta Previa?

G.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hello moms, I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I've been going through a series of ultra-sound thru out my pregnancy to check if my placenta has "moved up". Anyway, Dr. to...


Advice on Placenta Previa

B.K. asks from Chicago

Hi moms, I have just been told that I have a complete placenta previa and I have to go on bed rest. I am 18 weeks pregnant. In four weeks another ultrasound will be...


Placenta Previa & Abruption

N.G. asks from Sacramento

Looking for women who have gone through placenta previa & Abruptions & got pregnant again?? Im most concerned with what will happen in my NEXT pregnancy IF I am able ...


Complete Placenta Previa--Anyone Had This? Advice?

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

My first pregnancy had no complications, but with this second one, we just had our 20 week ultrasound and the dr. discovered I have "complete placenta previa." From ...


Marginal Placenta Previa After 30 Weeks?

L.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi! I have marginal placenta previa which has persisted. I want to know if any of you have had this during your third trimester. If you have, did it persist for th...


Anyone Have Placenta Previa and Need a Hysterectomy?

H.B. asks from Las Vegas

Hello all, I'm 33 weeks pregnant and have a full placenta previa. This is my 3 baby, 1st c-section. I have schedualed c-section for May 8th... I'm cool with that...


Anyone Have Any past Experience with Placenta Previa?

T.W. asks from Bangor

Hi, I have been very worried since finding out a couple of days ago that I have a complete placenta previa. I am not worried about having a c-section although this w...


Experience with Partial Placenta Previa

A.S. asks from Dallas

Hey Mamas! I am 21 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and was just diagnosed with partial placenta previa. My doctor didn't seem conerned in the least and told me not...