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Pregnant and on Bedrest...

M.T. asks from Ocala

I am 24 weeks pregnant and was just put on bedrest due to cervical thinning. Has anyone else had this problem and what became of it? I am worried about going into l...


Rh Negative, Had I Developed Antibodies?

I.R. asks from New York

on april was my first month of pregnancy, i didnt know i was pregnant at that time, i was just thinking maybe i was delayed because i have mittlesmirz. on may was...


Bleeding at 8 Weeks Pregnant?

L.S. asks from Baton Rouge

I am 8 weeks pregnant today... I haven't had even a spot of blood during the pregnancy until now. I was napping and woke up, walked about 10 steps, looked down and sa...


Should My Baby Be Kicking by Now????

E.S. asks from Detroit

Ok... yes I am paranoid about all aspects of this pregnancy, and no it is not my first :o( I have one healthy 2yr old, who during my pregnancy with him, he started k...


Pregnancy Question!

L.D. asks from Lexington

I just found out on April 30th that i was pregnant. I don't know how far along i am cause my period is never regular i can go a whole month without having one. but th...


16 Weeks Pregnant and Spotting

S.D. asks from Los Angeles

Hi ladies I'm 16 weeks pregnant, when I woke up this morning to got to the bathroom I noticed light red blood. Is this normal? It's not from having sex. I just starte...



M.C. asks from Columbia

Greetings Everyone, Just wanted to seek some feedback from those moms that have gone through this procedure. I am 30 years old and found out yesterday that I hav...


Slight Bleeding During Pregnancy

B.T. asks from Las Vegas

I am 19 weeks pregnant and this evening after going to the bathroom I noticed a slight discoloration, a pink bleeding. I have had slight bleeding or discoloration in...


Need Honest Reviews About Some Hoag Obgyns

L.R. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Mommas, The OBGYN I had when I delivered my son recently closed his practice & recommended that his patients transfer to a specific doctor. Not knowing any bet...


Vbac Moms

J.B. asks from St. Louis

Any moms have a vbac after 2 c-sections? Just curious of experiences. I have had two c-sections and having #3 scheduled. My 1st was an emergency after being in labor ...