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Birthday Party Activity Ideas

S.W. asks from Seattle

Hi Moms... I'm having my soon to be 6 year olds birthday party at a park. It is in the evening and we are just pretty much planning on BBQing hotdogs and doing the c...


Son's 8Th Birthday Celebration

A.D. asks from Portland

Hello Ladies, Our son is turning 8 at the end of August. Money is not an issue, I just want to do something different. We have done Chuck E. Cheese's (way too many t...


Looking for Suggestions for a 5 Year Old Pool Party

C.L. asks from Charlottesville

My son, who is turning 5 in July, really wants to have a pool party for is birthday. Our neighborhood has a great pool with a clubhouse that I am hoping to reserve....


Birthday Idea's

T.R. asks from Daytona Beach

My son is turning 6 years old and i want to do something special been and done everything.. I live in florida.. Want to do something different and he'll enjoy.. Any i...


Birthday - Other Ideas on What a Celebration Might Consist of or Be Like

J.W. asks from Minneapolis

Our little girl is going to be 5 next month. We would like to have some kind of celebration that is less gift-oriented, a time for gathering and fellowship w/friends....


Gift for Kid Who Has Everything!

R.D. asks from Washington DC

My daughter will be 6 next weekend, and my husband and I have no clue what to get her. She really has EVERYTHING! We do a HUGE Christmas, and smaller gifts at birthda...


Goodie Bags: What Do You Spend and What Do You Give?

D.D. asks from Phoenix

Ugh....is my first thought when I think of goodie bags filled with junk. One year I spend about $4-bucks on each goodie basket just because I hate the thought of "ju...


Need Ideas for Toys for a Boy (With Older Sister)

K.M. asks from San Francisco

Hello, I'm in need of some advice on what to get for my almost 2 year old son. I have a 4 year old daughter so most of our toys are dolls, babies, kitchen stuff, tea ...


Bath Time

E.V. asks from San Francisco

Anyone have any new ideas for bath toys. Something you may use around your house that your children like in the tub. i give him tupperware which he loves to fill up a...