Pink Eye

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Our First Bout with Pink Eye!

K.L. asks from Great Falls

Hi ladies! So, our almost 4 year old contracted pink eye at preschool. On top of that he has tonsillitis and an ear infection. Both are being treated, but my real ...


Pink Eye W/no Insurance

C.B. asks from Kansas City

ok moms, no judgements please...i had to drop our insurance a couple months ago b/c the premiums doubled. long story short, we still have no insurance. my son had a g...


kThe Start of Pink Eye?

S.R. asks from Kansas City

DS woke up this morning with just a tiny bit of crud in his corner eye towards the nose. The whites of his eyes are slightly red but i can tell they are irritated. ...


Pregnant with Pink Eye?

A.S. asks from Detroit

Hello all! I am 33 weeks pregnant and woke up this morning with a nice red looking eye. My first guess is pink eye (since it felt a little crusty earlier). I can't c...


Chronic Pink Eye! Help!

M. asks from Dallas

My DD and I have both had pink eye on and off for the past two weeks. It is getting on my nerves! We have drops and have been to the doctor twice. I though we were in...


Pink Eye for a Week!

R.J. asks from Las Vegas

O.k so I don't know how but I got pink eye. This is horrible. Started in 1 eye and is now in both. One hospital gave me drops which seemed to make it worse and the...


Mom Pink Eye

M.J. asks from Milwaukee

So I woke up with what I think is pink eye today. The kids have not had it so I must have picked it up at work (even though I am always using sanitizer on my hands). ...


Pink-eye!!!! ARRRHHHH

T.M. asks from Tampa

My 5-year old woke up this morning with pink eye...yes, I know that it is pink eye... We have already been there and done that for sure. So I called the on-call nu...


Pink Eye Anyone?

G.D. asks from Philadelphia

My 4 year old was running a fever for two days and then yesterday her one eye was red with a little bit of crusty stuff now today both are the same. I called the pedi...


Pink Eye - Need Help

C.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hey moms, My 3 year old was diagnosed with pink eye on Monday. She was ok about the eye drops the first few times (she needs them 3 times/day) but now there is majo...