Pink Eye

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Pink Eye? :(

S.R. asks from Kansas City

Yesterday my right eye was bothering me when I put my contacts in, I didn't think much of it since my allergies are really bad right now and I have been having proble...


Pink Eye?

S.B. asks from Chicago

Alright, I have a call in to the the nurse hotline through my insurance, but the wait time is 75 minutes for a call back, and I'm betting you mommas are quicker than ...


Pink Eye

H.P. asks from Sacramento

Good day everyone, I have a question/ concern about Pink Eye. My now two year old son has been getting pink eye on a regular basis now since his father put him into ...


Pink Eye

A.P. asks from Topeka

My husband went to the doctor yesterday morning and found out he has pink eye and got antiboitics for it. My 7 year old son seems to have it toon now. It's Sat morn...


Pink Eye

K.E. asks from Lincoln

I have a son, 15 mo old, and he has had pink eye over and over. it will clear up and then a week or two later, it comes back. My doc prescribes these drops to use f...


More Pink Eye!!

E.K. asks from Missoula

My 2-year-old daughter got the croup over the weekend and now has pink-eye. I am terrified that I am getting it because my eyes are burning! Both of my kids had it la...


Pink Eye?!?!?!

J.W. asks from Seattle

My daughter is almost 8 months old and has Pink Eye! I have 2 other kids, ages 6 and 4, and neither of them have ever had Pink eye. Neither have I and neither has my ...


Pink Eye

C.C. asks from Washington DC

I hope everyone is doing good and getting ready for the Holidays! My 6 year old son has had pink eye for almost 2 weeks now. He has been to the doctors and was g...


Pink Eye

A.S. asks from Rochester

Hi Mamas, My 3 year old son will not let me get the eye drops in to cure his pink eye. I tried putting saline drops in my own eyes so he can see that it's not sca...


Pink Eye

L.B. asks from Seattle

I was hoping that someone on here might have a good, reliable remedy for pink eye, besides going to the doctor. I came down with it a couple of days ago and have bee...