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Weight Loss

A.T. asks from Jackson

Before I got pregnant I lost 20 pounds just by diet and exercise. Well, not really dieting just by cutting back. Since my baby was born 11 months ago, I have lost 4...


Recuperation After a C-section

L.S. asks from Sacramento

I had a baby three months ago, my first one. I had a c-section and everything went well, but now I have questions regarding recovery. About a month ago my lower ab st...


I Was Asked When I Was Due AGAIN!....my "Baby" Is Three :(

A.S. asks from Atlanta

I get so frustrated each time this happens... I have two beautiful children that happened to come out big (both over 10 pounds) via c-section. I am back to pre-preg...


Considering Tummy Tuck.... Need Advice

T.S. asks from Little Rock

I have a 20 month old son, I gained 65lbs during pregnancy. I have lost all the baby weight, however, my stomach is verrry saggy. My ob doctor said it was almost l...


Stubborn Belly fat...yuck!!!!

M.C. asks from Philadelphia

I'm going crazy with it! I can't get the belly fat to go away! It looks like a big glob of blubber, no matter what I do it won't go away. HELP!!!!!! It took me until ...


Weight Loss & Breastfeeding

J.K. asks from Chicago

Breastfeeding makes me soooo hungry ALL the time. I know I'm burning more calories b/c of breastfeeding and I know I need to consume extra caloies. The problem is.....


143 Lbs - Saddle Bags :)

S.!. asks from Los Angeles

Ok the 2 lbs loss is probably water weight, lol.. but still makes me feel good I saw a 2 lbs differance. So far I have only been using the treadmill with a walk/run ...


Any Good "Diet" Secrets?

J.C. asks from Phoenix

I am a 27 year old mom of two children. My youngest is almost two and I have yet to take off the weight from my pregnancy. I still have thirty pounds to lose and wo...


Pre-Preg Weight Loss

C.W. asks from San Angelo

I would like to get at a healthy weight for pregnancy. I just thought it would be easier to loose some weight before I gain during pregancy and I want a healthy pregn...


Post Baby Body Help!!!!!!!!!

3.B. asks from Cleveland

My youngest and last baby is 4 months old, and while I know it takes time to bounce back I know it's going to take alot more then that. Everything is fine except my m...