Picky Eater: Toddler, Meijer

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Lunch Ideas for a Picky Eater

E.H. asks from Grand Rapids

I need ideas for my daughter's lunch at school. She is 6 and in first grade. The only veggies she likes are mashed potatoes, lettuce, and carrot sticks. She won't ...


Protein Ideas for a Picky Eater

S.M. asks from Indianapolis

Hi Moms, My 19 month old son has been picky about his eating since he was about 15 months old, before that he ate anything and everything we put in front of him. I'...


My Toddler Is a Picky Eater

M.D. asks from Lansing

Hi, Does anyone have any advice on how to get a stubborn two year old to eat? Or any other suggestions on how to get him to eat protein and nutritious foods?


HELP- 18 Month Old Measuring Small

A.H. asks from Dallas

My daughter is almost 19 months but we had her 18 month checkup today. She weighed 21 lbs 8 oz and measured in the 9th percentile. I have not been worried about her w...


10 Month Old Refuses to Eat Baby Food!!

S.D. asks from Kalamazoo

I got such positive feedback on my son's sleeping issue I thought I would ask for advice on his eating baby food issue. He is 10 months old, 11 month on March 27th. H...


Daughter Won't Eat Breakfast Before School

A.A. asks from Lansing

Hello Ladies, The school year is beginning and I know that it benefits a child when they eat breakfast before going to school. My seven year old daughter is not a b...


Wanted: Finger Food Suggestions for 7 Month Old

K.H. asks from Detroit

I haven't really given my 7 month old many finger foods yet. He's gummed some banana & a pancake one day, but that's about it. What are some good, wholesome, non-pr...


Help - Daughter Needs Gluten Free Diet - Any Suggestions or Recommendations?

P.S. asks from Detroit

I had my 8 year old daughter tested for food sensitivities and found see is allergic to Gluten. She is an extremely picky eater! I'm looking for some bread, pasta, ...


Visting Niece W Food Allergies, What Do I Feed My Daughter?

J.T. asks from New York

Hi Moms, We will be visiting with my sister and her daughter and my niece has a very serious nut allergy. About 80% of what my daughter eats has nuts, one of her ...


Almost 2 Year Old Feeding Problems

D.M. asks from Detroit

my 20 month old is very small. i need him to gain weight but he just does not want to eat any meat or veggies. he is also allergic to eggs milk and cod fish. so i do...