Picky Eater: Teen

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Need Dinner/lunch Solutions- Picky Eaters, Vegetarian, All in One House

E.B. asks from Houston

1. Husband will not change, unfortunately. Doesn't want to. 2. I know kids should make their own lunches but I enjoy doing it and somedays I feel it is their healthie...


Looking for Experience with Nutritionist Counseling for Teen Girls

C.F. asks from New York

My teenage daughter has started seeing a Nutritionist as part of her treatment for being at risk for an eating disorder. She has not been diagnosed as having an eati...


Fussy 20 Month Old Boycotting Table Food-- HELP!

H.L. asks from Chicago

My friend's son refuses to eat table food with the family. He will eat PBJ, Mac-n-cheese, apples, grilled cheese, crackers and dry snacks and anything fried... but T...


Teen with Picky Eating Habits (Extreme)

J.W. asks from St. Louis

I have a 14 year old step-son who will only eat about 20 foods. Most of which are typical "party foods" like hamburger (plain), chicken nuggets, cheese pizza etc. ...


Picky Daughter Eating Less and Less

D.P. asks from St. Louis

I do not know what to do. My daughter was a premature at birth and has always been thin. She is 4 1/2 years old now. She is refusing to eat if she does not like what ...


Larger Size Tween Girl

L.H. asks from Orlando

Hi everyone. I have a 9 year old daughter who is a little overwieght for her age. She is tall for her age and has a large frame. She constantly gets upset over her we...


As Anyone Actually Tried the Starvation Thing, for Picky Eaters?

V.M. asks from Erie

Feel like i have tried all the suggested things, such as having them help cook, or the try one bite rule etc. The line about them having to try something so many time...


Picky Eater/bad Habits/a Child Friendly Environment for a Bday Party

E.M. asks from Miami

I'm a first time mom and have a 22 month old who seems to be stuck with the stage 2 gerber baby food. (only to turkey and rice & squash) He used to be open to all bef...


Seeking Moms' Who Have Picky Eaters and How They Were Able to Get Them to Eat

Y.S. asks from Washington DC

I need help in getting my 3 1/2 yrs old son to eat foods other then chicken nuggets, french fries, doritoes, go-gurts, fruit snacks and pancakes. He has had the worst...


Please Advise...15 Month Old Throwing Food Non Stop!

M.R. asks from San Antonio

Hello, My 15 month old son is an EXTREMELY picky eater and below the 50th% in weight. When he sits in his high chair to eat, he sorts throught his food and eats so...