Picky Eater: Teen

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"How Did Your Picky Eater Turn Out...??"

R.B. asks from Pittsburgh

Hello mommies!! I knew I should have just asked y'inz this a long time ago instead of frustrating myself even more... Bare with me for a minute.... So I just got o...


Picky Eater Strategy - Too Mean?

L.C. asks from Denver

My original question about our picky eater is here: http://www.mamapedia.com/questions/6192128186936066049 but I wanted to ask a question on a strategy that I've hear...


Picky Eater-recipes Needed

T.R. asks from San Antonio

Does anyone have any Dinner idea's for picky eaters?? My oldest daughter is 10 and a VERY picky eater!! Everything is PLAIN PLAIN, she doesnt even like Ketchup!! alon...


Picky Eater

K.J. asks from Sherman

My seven year old will not eat any fruits or vegetables. I make her try different ones every day and she hates them all. Any suggestions?


My Picky Eater Is 9 Years Old and Is Only Getting More Picky

L.L. asks from New Orleans

Hi. My son is 9 years old. He has been a picky eater from the get-go, but now he's refusing to eat anything but pop tarts and corn bread. Any suggestions?


15 Month Old Picky Eater

M.C. asks from San Francisco

My 15 month old is a really picky eater. She will eat meat, cheese or rice. No fruits or veggies. She refuses to try things I know she would like if she gave it a cha...


Anyone Here Who Used to Be a Picky Eater as a Child ????

D.C. asks from Dallas

My son (9) used to eat everything...fruits, vegetables, all meats....until he was 2.....then he turned into the pickiest eater I know.... He would only eat noodles...


Picky Eater at 4Years Old

M.T. asks from Detroit

My 4 year old daughter is the pickiest eater at home. Her teacher tells me that at school she eats everything from broccili to green beans and her meat. But at home t...


Picky Eater

M.T. asks from Phoenix

I have a 2 year old who is picky! I know its common in toddlers but i don't want it to following her into child hood.I tried making smiley faces out of foods,I don't...


The Most Pickiest Eater (Cannot Be Bribed, Super Picky Eater!)

M.S. asks from Macon

My four year old girl has been thist way since 11 months old! the doctor assures me she will go to college healthy and eating "normally" (although nowadays with so mu...