Picky Eater: Nutramigen

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Seeking Advice

J.C. asks from San Diego

I have a 6-month old baby girl. I am thinking of switching to formula feeding completely. I have been supplementing about 4oz formula each day because I don't have en...


Any Advice for Dealing with Reflux????

J.H. asks from Cleveland

My daughter is 5 1/2 weeks old and has reflux. The doctor recommended sitting her up after feedings and burping her more often throughout feedings to keep the formul...


My 7 Month Old Will Not Eat Solids

D.B. asks from Washington DC

Our pediatrician was very adament about not starting solids until our son was 6 months old. Not even rice cereal and at 6 months the doctor said start with veggies -...


Advice Needed PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

K.B. asks from Chicago

I have a few concerns that I would love some advice on... My son Grant will be six months old on April 1st. He was on breastmilk for the first four months and then ...


Need Solidarity on the Road Through Colic Hell!

N.D. asks from San Francisco

Hey mamas, Even just some survival stories would help at this point, but if anyone has _any_ advice on soothing a colicky baby, I would be eternally grateful. My ...


Walking Zombie Mom

B.V. asks from Chicago

Wondering if anyone out there has/had a 4 month old that would still only sleep in 2 hour increments? Longest stretch being 3 hours. Need some encouraging words tha...


Excessive Spit Up

D.S. asks from Bloomington

My 4 month old son spits up all day long, every day. He will spit up hours after he eats and the smell is like vomit. His doctor said he has reflux and prescribed h...


Sleep Deprived Mom

L.S. asks from Eugene

My son won't sleep. He takes a bottle then needs to be upright for about 45mins because of reflux then he falls asleep a half hour or hour before he eats again and t...


Spitting Up

M.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi every one, I need advice. My 5 month old spits up ALOT! My doctor says its okay because he is gaining enough weight and doesn't appear to be sick, but my "mater...