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Food Allergies

S.D. asks from Houston

My 5 year old son has had severe food allergies since he was born to milk, eggs and peanuts. He is now in kindergarten and with snack time and lunch I am a nervous wr...


Age to Safely Have Peanut Butter?

J.W. asks from San Francisco

Looking forward to wisdom from my fellow Mamas who have been so helpful on other topics! Our pediatrician (who is pretty loose about most things) advised us not to i...


When Can a Child Start Eating Peanut Butter?

V.B. asks from Dallas

I have a 14 month old daughter and I know that you aren't supposed to give babies peanut butter because of the possibility of allergies, but I have been reading about...


Peanut Allergy and Schools

M.C. asks from Chicago

First I want to say, that I 'm fortunate not to have child with a severe peanut allergy. I can just imagine how hard it must be, to constant worry about your child ha...


Almost 2 Year Old Feeding Problems

D.M. asks from Detroit

my 20 month old is very small. i need him to gain weight but he just does not want to eat any meat or veggies. he is also allergic to eggs milk and cod fish. so i do...


Would This Strike You as Odd?

E.M. asks from Phoenix

We went to a birthday party this weekend. Just before the birthday candles were lit, one mom brought her son over to the host and said "we have to leave now, because...


My Neighbors Son Is NOT Allergic to Peanuts, But....

G.T. asks from Rochester

My neighbors son is NOT allergic to peanuts. But a new boy that moved here about a month ago and was put in his kindergarten class is. There are 4 different kindergar...


My Husband's Mom Gave My 5-Month Old Banana Bread.....Am I Overreacting?

F.B. asks from Portland

My Mother-In-law and husband's Grandma (live 2hrs north) were watching my 5-month-old son for about an hour the other day so I could take a much-needed parenting brea...


Daugter Has Allergies?

K.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi, I'm looking for some advice on my almost 3yr old daughters health. She has had a chronic stuffy/runny nose and cough for 4months now. The cough wakes her at nite ...