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Ipad and or Phone Limited Use for Teens and Tweens

K.C. asks from Tampa

Hi folks...the question tonight has to deal with electronic time limits. We (hubby and myself) have gotten away from our initial time limit of 2 hours a day IPad or ...


Dish Network vs Direct Tv

N.S. asks from Detroit

We're unable toget cable because of the high cost to bring it down our driveway from across the road. Does anyone have an opinion on which is better; dish network ...


Avg Cost of Daycare

C.T. asks from Gainesville

HI, My name is C.. I am currently a SAHM with one a 23 month old . I may be looking for a job to bring in some extra income, I live in pretty rual area so jobs are no...


Pros and Cons About Your Cell Phone

P.S. asks from Houston

Hi. I am in the market for a new cell phone. I still have a very simple flip phone but am considering an iPhone, Blackberry, HTC etc. Can you tell me what type of ...


Cell Phone Usage and Kids

M.S. asks from Oklahoma City

Hi Mamas, I am in a blended family. I have been raising my stepdaughter since she was 8 months. For the most part things go smoothly. Her mom bought her an IPhone whe...


Dish Network or Direct TV

A.F. asks from Dallas

Time Warner is out of control with their cost. I'm looking to change to either Dish network or Direct TV. Does anyone have either of these services? Has anyone had bo...


Should I Get a TV for Our Bedroom?

J.M. asks from Minneapolis

My husband loves to watch really atrocious and violent movies, or sports...especially on weekends during his time relaxing. We have one TV that we hardly ever watch i...


MagicJack Phone Service

R.H. asks from Houston

Hello Ladies, I saw an advertisement over the weekend for MagicJack. This is a device that you plug into your computer, and you get phone service for $20 per year...


Vonage Phone Service

R.C. asks from Boston

Does anyone have Vonage Phone Service? Do you like it? No one I know has this company and I am intrigued by it, but apprehensive. Any imput would be greatly appreciat...


What Type of T.V. Do You Have and How Many in Your House?

D.P. asks from Los Angeles

Our 15 y/o old T.V. met its demise about a week ago. I am going to start looking for a new one but wanted to know what kind of T.V. you all have. We don’t have mu...