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Is Orbitz the Lowest Price for Hotels?

J.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, Like so many of us, I need to look for the best deals and this time it's for the price of hotels. We are planning to travel to St. Louis MO and I have m...


Do You Have a Spending Cap per Child for Christmas?

D.F. asks from New York

do you spend a set amount on each child for Christmas, or do you buy what your child wants without a spending cap?


Cell Phone Cost for Family of 4

M.M. asks from Dallas

What is your average bill for cell phones for a family of 4? We pay 232.00 for 3 smartphones and 1 non-smartphone. That seems outrageous to me, so I was wondering if ...


Different Options for TV? How Good Is Online TV like HULU??

2.B. asks from Pocatello

Hi.- We live in an area where our only TV option is satelite. We do have line of sight internet so we have high speed internet. I am thinking of canceling our TV and ...


Ipod but No Cell Phone? Worth It?

J.D. asks from Phoenix

My husband and I do not have a cell phone, we don't have cable, and we don't have any gaming system. We have wireless internet and a desktop computer. We do not want ...


Switch from Comcast to Direct TV and Liked It?

D.P. asks from Minneapolis

It seems like once a year I have to call Comcast and threaten to leave in order to get my bill back down. I think it's ridiculous. Whatever happened to rewarding lo...


Apple TV Reviews

X.O. asks from Chicago

Hi All, Does anyone have/use Apple TV? What do you think about it?


Any Experience with Vonage for Phone Service

T.S. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have Vonage phone service? We are currently with AT&T with the unlimited long distance plan for $50+ per month. Vonage advertises $24.99 per month for sa...


Teanager Talking on Phone Too Long

B.W. asks from Springfield

My teenager has been talking on the phone too long. I found out from the phone bill that she has been talking on the phone way too long; until wee hours in the mornin...


Anyone Else "Cut the Cord" (Cable or Satellite)

M.W. asks from Chicago

I love DTV and my DVR box but $78/month to watch tv is just crazy and this is the cost of DirecTV's lowest package (previous bill was $96). Anyway, I am considering ...