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Cell Phone Guidelines for 13 Yr. Old Daughter

S.P. asks from Sacramento

I feel like I've lost my daughter since we gave her a cell phone for X-mas. She is now obsessed with her phone- texting constantly (over 5000 in 2 1/2 wks), calls, & ...


iPod Touch - Texting

V.W. asks from Jacksonville

Hi ladies, I have seen a few odd questions on this site about iPods over the last year or so. Our kids both now have iPod touches and I am curious about the various...


I Got My 10 Yr Old a Cell Phone

A.G. asks from Boston

I order a cell phone for my 10 yr old and it came in today. I ordered it from so I will have parental controls and all that fun stuff. He is in 4th grade r...


Cell Phone for 6 Year Old

R.F. asks from Dallas

My husband will be going on a year long deployment to San Diego. He only recently came back from a two year deployment to the Middle East. We wanted to get her, her...


Cell Phone for Child

S.B. asks from Minneapolis

I need some advice. I have an 11 year old and bought him a phone. Who out there thinks this is too young ... please explain? And who out there thinks I should ...


Advice on Cell Phone Plans for My Parents

✪.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Everyone- My parents are on my brother's cell phone plan. They don't use their cells much at all. However, my brother told them that his monthly bill is going ...


How to Cut Costs on Cable/internet and Cell Phone Bills?

C.F. asks from Dallas

Due to a decrease in income, I am tryin gto come up with ways to cut our expenses. We currently have a package with ATT U-verse for tv and internet service. In additi...


Internet, Cell Phone and Kids..... How Do You Deal?

M.V. asks from Boston

I am having tough time trying to make the kids (11yr old and 16yr old both daughters) get to understand that internet and cell phone usage should be very limited now ...


What Cell Phone and Company Do You Use Specifically?

F.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi Moms! I have the same cell phone from 6 years ago. Basically, it's just a phone! Being a business owner, it's time to take the big technology leap and get with ...


Cell Phone for 13 Y/o

D.A. asks from Los Angeles

My 13 y/o daughter wants a cell phone for Christmas. For many reason we've decided to get her one. Does anyone know what cell phone is popular amongst young t...