Pets with Children: Tween

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Dog for Protection

S.M. asks from Saginaw

I am stuck in a home in an area with frequent crime and I am home alone with our 4 year old at least 4 nights a week. It is not possible for us to move at this time. ...


Don't Want a Dog!

C.C. asks from Houston

My son moved in with me last summer due to a spinal cord injury I have. No kids. He has been a tremendous help to me. I couldn't even put my socks on. I a...


Dog and Dishonesty

D.B. asks from Detroit

So in February we had to put our 12 yr old dog to sleep. He was losing control of his bladder and had trouble standing. Also was going deaf and blind and would get ...


Garter Snake as a Pet?

S.L. asks from Lansing

Hi everyone! Ok, so my girls love everything, and have been trying to catch a garter snake all summer and finally did today. They love this snake, and have been exce...


Could I Be Allergic to My Dog?

K.O. asks from Wichita

Please help me ladies! I have battled hives on and off. Last spring was the first episode and I think it was caused by stress. I took Zyrtec and although it basica...


Dog and Baby

S.E. asks from New York

im expecting my first child this summer.. i have a 9 year old yellow lab .. hes a big boy 110lbs.. anyone that knows him says he is the weirdest dog theyve ever met.....


Epileptic Dog

K.H. asks from Minneapolis

i know this is a site for mom an problems,concerns etc...well my kids are grown..but ive got 3 one dog was diagnosed with canine epilepsy..just breaks my he...


Nagging at 11 Year Old Boy to Do Everything

M.S. asks from Salt Lake City

I feel like my 11 year old boy should be governing himself by now as to what comes next as far as his schedule. He is always messing around when he should be doing hi...


What Hourly Rate to Pay for 13 Year Old?

J.B. asks from Detroit

My 13 year old daughter gets a $13 per week allowance, which $10 she can spend, $3 she saves. She has to keep her shoes put away, coat hung up kind of stuff to earn h...


Pet Loss

G.W. asks from Philadelphia

today i had to put our dog to sleep she was a great dog my three year girl lexi is freaking out please help me help her deal with this