Pets with Children: Steroids

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Eczema Getting Worse on My 2 Boys

M.M. asks from San Francisco

Hi moms, I have a 4 yo and a 5 month old boys that have eczema. My 4yo has it all over his body and its getting worse as he ages. I moisturize his body 2-3/day with ...


Orapred ODT / Steroid for "Asthma"

K.O. asks from Detroit

My 3 1/2 year old has been coughing non-stop at night. His ped. tried some stuff and nothing worked so we went to see an allergist/specialist in better breathing. He ...


Just Found Out I'm Pregnant Again

K.H. asks from Naples

I guess I should be jumping for joy but I'm very nervous... My daughter is turning 1 on April 5 and I just took a pregnancy test today and it's positive. No we we...


Maltipoo - Should We Get One? Have You Had One?

N.P. asks from Minneapolis

We have 4 children, our daughter has wanted a dog for years, when our twins were born we said when they were 5 we could get a dog. WOW - how quickly time goes by.......



M.B. asks from St. Louis

My 3 year old has eczema and it is horrible. We are currently waiting to see our 3rd dermatologist. We have tried several different ointments that dont help, they u...


What Age Should a Child Get Contacts?

R.M. asks from Austin

My almost 11 year old boy wants contacts. What is an appropriate age for this?


Help!! Fleas~

K.B. asks from Chicago

Dear mothers, please help! I noticed our puppy scratching more than normal, so I called the vet to make an appt. I also noticed that our cat hasn't been acting righ...


Seeking Info Regarding Asthma

C.M. asks from Minneapolis

I just found out, after a scary stay in the hospital my 19th month old has asthma. He had RSV as an infant, has egg allergies and eczema. I have a follow up with the ...


How Many Dr Opinions

L.A. asks from St. Cloud

So I am getting allergy injections for cat, dust mites and many weeds and plants. I saw a asthma specialist today because I get a lot of wheezing and congestion. He d...


4 Year Old with Allergies

V.G. asks from Grand Rapids

My daughter had a severe rash with swelling on her face this weekend so I took her to a local Urgent Medical Care Center. By the time the nurse got us into a room to...