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Grocery Bills

L.H. asks from Detroit

Hi fellow mom's! I was wondering how much everyone else spends on average a week for groceries? I have a growing 2 year old boy who is a GREAT eater, eats a lot, a...


Boys Birthday Party Ideas

L.C. asks from Chicago

My son is turning 6 very soon and Im not sure what to do for his party. Im a little annoyed at how much all the usual parties cost, like the jumping places or gym pl...


Ideas to Occupy Children While on a Road Trip

D.V. asks from Grand Rapids

Hello to all you wonderful mothers out there! I am in need of some advice. We have a family vacation that is coming up in a few weeks where my husband and I and our t...


Another Campling Question

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

We're going on our first ever camping trip this coming weekend. I know someone on here has already asked this, but I can't seem to find the post. I haven't been campi...


Help with Stained Baby Clothing....

H.C. asks from Grand Rapids

I am wondering if anyone has found a product that works good on breast-fed, poop stains on baby's clothing. My daughter seems to have "blow-outs" all the time and I c...


Advice on Rash Caused by Constant Drooling

L.P. asks from Detroit

Looking for something to soothe and eliminate red blotchy spots on neck under chin. Have already tried vaseline, baby powder, chap stick, aveeno baby lotion with oat...


When to Switch to Cow's Milk

S.B. asks from Detroit

I have a 9 and a half month old baby girl. She has been on the Enfamil Lipil formula which I have been purchasing for the last 7 months at $25 a can! I am just wond...


Christmas Gifts for a 3 Year Old

N.S. asks from Grand Rapids

I saw someone else ask this about their 7 y\o, so I got to thinking. Chritmas really isn't that far away and I have no idea what to get our daughter. She is 3 y\o and...


I Need Help with Food

M.T. asks from Detroit

My son used to eat the Gerber meat sticks but now he hates them. I'm not sure what to serve him for lunch and dinner. Dinner isn't so bad because usually he can eat...


Wanted: Finger Food Suggestions for 7 Month Old

K.H. asks from Detroit

I haven't really given my 7 month old many finger foods yet. He's gummed some banana & a pancake one day, but that's about it. What are some good, wholesome, non-pr...