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Does Your Cat Adore You? Pets and Pregnancy...

M.R. asks from Rochester

I am tired and petting my cat and wondering if anyone else has noticed that whenever they are pregnant their cat (or perhaps other animals...?) become obsessed with t...


Pregnancy and Cat Litter

M.H. asks from Des Moines

I am not pregnant yet (that I know of:) but we have 2 inside cats. I am usually the one who cleans the pans and I know that once I get pregnant my husband will need ...


Crazy Cat and Pregnancy

C.W. asks from Washington DC

I have an 11 yo cat who has been acting strangely lately. He follows me all over the house, getting underfoot, and whenever my parents come over, he stalks them, tai...


Anyone Develop Allergies After Pregnancy?

S.J. asks from Milwaukee

My son was born 8 months ago--and since then I've been allergic to my wedding rings! I was really swollen while pg and couldn't wear them from about 7 mos pg and on,...


Preventing Teenage Pregnancy?

S.B. asks from San Francisco

Hello, This is a question that came up for me while I read some questions and responses from our community from an earlier post. There was a lot of anger judgment,...


Sharing Pregnancy/ Gender News

B.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hey moms! I saw a post about this a couple weeks ago, but I can't find it! How did you share with your husband/ family that you were pregnant? What about the ge...


How to Help a 3 1/2 Year Old Cope with the Death of His First Pet

J.A. asks from Los Angeles

The title sums it up pretty well. My son will be 3 1/2 on Sunday, and today his pet bird, Conrad, died. Conrad was really sick 2 months ago and we spent a little over...


Wanting to Purchase a Pet

A.P. asks from Salt Lake City

I have an almost 5 yr old and almost 3 yr old. Where we live they won't let us have a cat or dog so I am looking for a smaller animal that the kids are able to hold ...


Our Family Pet Was Killed Unexpectedly

D.G. asks from Philadelphia

Our not quite two-year-old husky was attacked and killed by two pit bulls. Our children are all feeling the loss, this happened on Christmas Day. My 10-year-old is ...


Allergic to Dogs After Pregnancy? Tips and Advice!!!

A.S. asks from Chicago

Greetings Ladies, I have and 11 month daughter (our first), and last Friday my husband came home with a dog. (Now before everyone jumps all over him for doings th...