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Baby Vs. Pet

J.C. asks from Chicago

Hello moms. So I'm new here but thought I'd jump right into the pit by asking a question that is driving me mad! My husband desperately wants a puppy. While I'm no...


Preventing Teenage Pregnancy?

S.B. asks from San Francisco

Hello, This is a question that came up for me while I read some questions and responses from our community from an earlier post. There was a lot of anger judgment,...


Teen Mis-diagnosed with Bipolar II

E.H. asks from Tyler

Is anybody out there that has been through having a child diagnosed with this? What suggestions could you give me to better help my child while we try to find the be...


Parenting a Pregnant Teen

E.P. asks from Philadelphia

I have an adopted 17 year old who is due to have a baby in Feb. She plans on parenting. She came to us with an attachment disorder that has been very challenging. We ...



S.C. asks from Charlotte

I am raising my 12 year granddaughter and it is hard. What do you when a 12 year old is boy crazy and plays one boy against another? She lies for no reason. How do...


Should We Keep Our Cats?

M.S. asks from Boston

I can't believe I'm even considering giving up our family cats, but I think we probably should. We have two cats who are almost 3 years old. We got them when I was ...


Need Advice from Other Moms of Teen Girls

R.N. asks from Houston

My 13 year old just became interested in boys this school year. She is in the 7th grade and really never had ANY romantic interest until this year, and it seems like...


Weimaraner Dog Question

L.J. asks from Birmingham

We have recently taken in a 1 yr. old Weimaraner as a pet. She is wonderful. I immediately gave her a bath and did not see any ticks or fleas. She seems to be itch...


My Husband Wants a Dog! (I Don't)

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

OK so DH wants a dog, a big to medium one, nonetheless, and I don't. He wants a companion to walk and help him exercise (force him to). He wants a pet for the kids to...



A.M. asks from Phoenix

What can I use to treat my psoriasis? Actually, I'm not sure if it is either psoriasis or eczema as I haven't had time to see a doctor about it. While pregnant of m...