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Cat Question from a Non-cat Person

P. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone My daughter is begging for a pet. She's 3 1/2. She wants a cat. Personally I am a dog person and know nothing about cats. We do not currently have a dog ...


How Do You Get Old Cat Pee Out of Your Carpet?

S.X. asks from Chicago

my cat was locked in the closet one day and peed a little on the carpet. We steam cleaned it and scrubbed and fabreezed it and i thought it all came out. If i leave t...


Cat Urine in Carpet

J.B. asks from Houston

Please help me moms! I'm at my wits end. I have two cats and one is diabetic and the other one is not. For a few months now, our non-diabetic cat has been urinatin...


What Can I Use to Remove Cat Urine Smell?

M.B. asks from Houston

I just noticed that my cat urinated on something that was on my couch and because my couch is microfiber, it rolled right off the cushion and landed on the base of th...


Getting Dog Urine Stain and Smell Out of Carpet

L. asks from Chicago

I can't get the smell or stain out of the carpet in our bedroom. Ive tried carpet cleaner and then steam cleaning them. Neither has worked. I dont know what else to t...


My Dog Stinks!

A.B. asks from Kansas City

My dog rolled in something in my parents backyard. They don't have dogs, so I know it wasn't dog poop. I'm pretty sure it wasn't cat poop either. We have washed hi...


Cat Vomit Stain Removal

L.C. asks from Chicago

Hi. I have two cats who tend to eat too fast and vomit on my light gray carpet. I've tried all sorts of different commercial stain removers, but nothing works well,...


What Do I Need to Know About Cat Ownership?

M.D. asks from Pittsburgh

DH and I both grew up with dogs. We know that we can't have a dog. We aren't home enough and it wouldn't be fair to the dog. But we would like a pet. Several people h...


How to get rid the dog pee smell out of carpet?

D.M. asks from Minneapolis

I need help on getting the dog pee smell out of my carpet I have shampooed and shampooed I need help. THe dog is now trained and I tried to keep up with the puppy bu...


Dog Eating Cat Litter and Its Contents

J.R. asks from Dallas

My dog has just discovered the cats' litter boxes and has started eating its contents along with the litter. This makes her "business" runny and her toots nuclear. ...