Pest Control

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Natural Pest Control

M.K. asks from Lansing

Hello moms! My husband and I recently moved into a new home and have discovered that we have an ant problem. I am 7 months pregnant and do not want my baby exposed ...


Seeking Pest Control Services

D.M. asks from Houston

This is really quite disgusting, so bear with me... We have these nasty bugs which are impossible to get rid of! We've fogged the house ourselves about 3 times to no ...


Looking for a Good House Cleaner , Exterminator & Gardner!

A.M. asks from Phoenix

Hello Fellow Moms, I am in the process of buying a home in Johnson Ranch and before we move in it will need to be cleaned and exterminated. I really need one highly...


Looking for Appliances and Pest Control

H.R. asks from Kansas City

Hello ladies. We are moving into a new house. We will be doing some renovations and for the time being I am looking to find some used but nice appliances for the hous...


Need an Honest Pest Control Person or Company

C.U. asks from Atlanta

Hi Everyone...I have a question for anyone in the Roswell area. Does anyone have a insect exterminator person that they really like and trust? I have been finding l...


Looking for an Exterminator in Overland Park

B.D. asks from Kansas City

In the process of replacing our garage door, we found an infestation of carpenter ants. Does anyone know of a good, reliable exterminator in the Overland Park area?


Need Eco-friendly Pest Control

T.L. asks from Phoenix

Does anyone have any experience with organic pest control? I need to rid our house of a few pests but worry about the chemicals effects on our children and dog. Any r...


Safe for Children and Affordable Pest Control

T. asks from Dallas

Can anyone recommend safe (for babies) and affordable pest control...I have ants in two bedrooms of the house! HELP! Thanks in advance! T.


Seeking Safe, "Green" Pest Control Company

C.T. asks from Los Angeles

I am looking for a company to do regular pest control in our yard with a child safe product. We do currently use a company, but I'm not sure what kind of product they...