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Where to find a scorpion pest control company in Noblesville, IN?

R.S. asks from Phoenix

Can anyone recommend a good pest control service that would hopefully eliminate our scorpion problems? We used Blue Sky Pest Control in the past and I was not happy w...


Pest-y Problems

L.D. asks from Dallas

Help! we have ants! Shouldn't be surprising since we have sticky fingered, crumb dropping toddlers... Unfortunately, most pest control places on the internet hav...


Need a Pest Control Referral

M.R. asks from Dallas

I need a good pest control referral. I would like organic - but am willing to go with either. We did organic last season and I don't think it was as effective. Tha...


A Pest in My Storage Shed

S.G. asks from Lexington

Help Please...There is a little Black pest in my Storage Shed outside, that appears to b a clothing bug. I heard about bed bugs and don't want to have them bite me or...


Help ! I Need an Exterminator for Big Black Ants

L.D. asks from Detroit

I just moved into a new house and I've been seeing huge ants in the living room around the base boards. It's a formal living room, so no one eats or play in there. C...


Eek! a Spider Was Crawling on My Baby! Time for Pest Control????

A.G. asks from Albuquerque

Last night I was on the floor with the kids playing. I saw something black on my daughter, at first I thought it was just a piece of fuzz...until it started to move.....


Pest Control Around Darien

M.A. asks from Chicago

I need to know of a good pest control company. I have tiny gnats in my bathroom window that don't do anything buy create a nuisance on the window. Don't even know w...


Organic Pest Control

H.M. asks from Dallas

Im new to Texas and I was completely mortified when I saw a scorpion right behind the rocking chair I was rocking my son in. More recently, my husband found a black...


Recommendations for Pest Control Companies

K.B. asks from Dallas

Good morning! Once again I'm asking for your recommendations. This time for a pest control company in Arlington. A month or so ago we had a doggie visitor and now ...


Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Need Pest Control

F.W. asks from Dallas

We just moved into our new home in frisco(Panther Creek) and we have a really bad insect and rodent problem due to all the building that is going on around us. Ladie...