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Clothing Style

R.M. asks from St. Cloud

I am in dyer need of a clothing makeover. I have a hard time picking out what is in style and what looks good on me. Wondering what kind of clothing stores you in s...


I'm a Huge Fashion NO NO! Need Help Please!

T.L. asks from St. Louis

Now that I have you attention. I am a huge fashion no no. Are there any websites that you can recommend where I can go buy entire outfits? I have my plaid shirt...


Fashion Help

E.O. asks from Appleton

Okay... I'm a SAHM and I absolutely LOVE it, however, sometimes I feel so frumpy because of the way I look. I've tried to dress up a bit, put on make-up and my k...


Boy's Fashion

R.B. asks from Dallas

My DS will be entering 3rd grade and I like to buy ahead when things are on clearance. Anyhow, he seems to be happy to wear whatever I purchase for him but due to hi...



L.M. asks from Seattle

Hi Moms, I have a seven year old daughter that is very tall for her age.. she wears size 14 girls clothes or if they are short or run small than an XXL.. I am having...


Fashion Blogs

E. asks from Phoenix

Hi Ladies - I need a little fashion advice. I went to a Holiday breakfast yesterday and felt like I could not pull a fun creative outfit together. I need to shop on a...


Fashion Advice

⊱.H. asks from Spokane

Hello :) I need some fashion advice ~ my 20 year high school reunion (man, that makes me feel old saying that!) is this summer and I need to start looking for my o...


Visitation and Clothing

E.R. asks from Minneapolis

Do you provide all of the clothing for your child when they go to visit dad? I have in the past, but recently stopped due to things not returning, or them not even b...


Where to Shop for My Clothing??

E.B. asks from Beaumont

Love fresh, modern but modest clothing that is affordable. Where do you shop? My favorite online is Love the colorful, younger look but the cuts are mode...


Need a Good plus Size Stylish Store

D.S. asks from Dallas

I'm plus size. I have struggled with my weight for the last few years. I'm not giving in, but until I get this weight off, I need somewhere to shop that has beautif...