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15 Year Old Son Hates I Believe Him or Let It Slide?

Hi. I am so down today. I always knew it was "normal" for a 15 year old son not to like his parents, but it hurt me so badly today when he said it out loud. He told his Dad right in front of me that everything I do irritates him, and he only tolerates me. It started when he came in the house looking for a chip for a camera that Dad asked him to get. When he said "Where it it?" I said "I don't know what you're talking about." When I saw it in his hand, I said "that's it, isn't it?" I asked him to go out and ask Dad if that's what he...

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Seeking Help with a 17 Year Old Live in Stepdaughter!

Hello, I am a 31 almost 32 year old step mom of a 17 year old stepdaugher. She is very angry and literally hates me. She has lived with her father always. Unfortunatly, she has a very long history as a child. My husband and she were abandoned by her biological mother when she was 8 mo. old. My husband has raised her eversince. He has full custody. He remarried when she was 3 or 4 and that marriage ended in total disaster to say the least. When we first met she was 12 and the most darling little girl. She loved me to pieces, but somehow,...


15 Year Old Boy

Every year we travel to CA to see my sisters. This year my 15 year old son...

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17 Year Old Daughter Always over at Her Boyfriend's House

So my 17 year old daughter is a senior in high school, straight A student, 4.02 GPA, has part time job, car which she bought with her own money, pays her car insurance and her portion of the cell phone bill. My concern is this, she has a boyfriend who is a sophomore and she is constantly over at his house. I always make sure she does her chores and her homework is done before she goes but it seems she spends more time with him and his family (two parent household) having dinner there, going to church with them, she even tried to ditch...


Advice on 15 Year Old

I have recently found out my 15 y/o has gone behind my back to date a 17 y/o...