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Help with Sensitive 4 Year Old!

My 4 year old son has always been "intense." But can also be quite adaptable and easy. Sleep seems to be a big factor. But lately he is over sensitive about clothes feeling funny, i.e., if the shirt under a sweater doesn't feel just right, or if he forgets to hold a sleeve and it gets bunched up- he just flips out. I remember being this way to a much lesser extreme as a child- so I am sensitive to it, but also extremely aggravated by it. My question is how much to accommodate and change his clothes until he is comfortable and how much...

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Running Shoes for 4 Year Old

What are the best running shoes for a 4 year old? She has soccer and likes to RUN. This week, she has gotten shin splints and I think a better shoe would help prevent this. Any suggestions on a brand of shoe best for running for a 4 year old?