Personal Style: Preschooler

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3-Year Old Swimming Issue at School - Am I Crazy?

I enrolled my 3-year old along with my 2 older in children in after school swimming lessons at their school. They are beginners. I feel it's necessary for children to learn to swim - even just for safety reasons. I observed the first lesson. I am not allowed on the pool deck but watched from seating that is separated by a railing and it's raised up. So I could not get to her immediately in the event of an incident. There was one instructor assigned to a group of all 3-year olds. The kids were standing on a platform in a shallow end....

Clothing & Shoes

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4 Year Old Boy and His Dressing Habits

My 4 year old will not wear pants nor will he wear socks and shoes. He only wants to wear shorts and flip flops. He says he is not cold. I feel his feet and legs and he does not feel cold. As of yet, he has not gotten sick. (Keeping fingers crossed). In the past he has tried putting socks and shoes on but it freaks him out. The same with pants. I can see the frustration in his eyes when he tries the shoes and pants. What do I do? Thank you !


4 Year Old & ADHD

My son is now 4 1/2 years old and has always been a very well-behaved little...

Post-Pregnancy Style

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4 Year Old Not Sitting in Time Out

My 4 year old has recently begun to run the other direction when I try to put her in time out for something she has done. She will run and try to get me to chase her, and will stand on the other side of the room with her arms crossed and give me a sassy look. She has been doing increasingly in the last month. I am 36 weeks pregnant, so I can't continue to repeatedly carry her to time out and set her down until she finally stays there (like 'Nanny Jo' suggests). This is so frustrating and usually ends up with me yelling YOU ARE IN TIME OUT...