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Work Christmas Party.... (I Know It's July)

I would like to suggest a better way of dealing with Christmas gifts. We work with about 30 people. Some don't like White Elephant gifts and some don't like drawing names. Anyone do something different at your office.


Washing Machine Odor

My son had a big accident in his pants, and after washing them in our washer...

Clothing & Shoes

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Hubby Leaving for Job - Going to Feel like a Single Mom Mon-Fri

My husband is going to be starting a new job this weekend – we just found out about it – and it is out of state. He will be gone Mon-Fri coming home on the weekends. We have three children, 15, 13 and 9 and I work full time, part time from home and also go to school. Yes, this is a lot on someone’s plate but I squeeze it in there and it’s necessary. I understand that with my husband gone and school coming very soon I will need to change my routine and work everything in. I am not the one who runs the household, as my husband...