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Where to Buy Stylish Clothing for 18 Year Old Guys?

Hi moms: I wanted to ask some advice. I know where to shop for my two older daughters but my 18 year old son is a different story. He is super busy during the week and only has weekends to shop (and doesn't like to shop either!) and needs some nice outfits (not a suit) for some upcoming events. He is tall, athletic and slender (6'1 about 160 pounds or so.. ) and I believe he may need some pants that can be tailored on site as length is an issue. I can not fit him in regular stores as length is a problem. I have placed a call to Macy's...

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Help with 18 Year Old Son's Clothing Choice

I am trying to figure out what to do about a shirt my son recently bought. It is extremely disgusting to me. It has two women on the front of it involved in some sort of behavior that is not in teaching with the Christian values we have taught our children. He is the oldest of five boys. I hid it when I did the laundry. He asked for it back. I want to put my foot down and say "Sorry, I threw it away. Not OK!!" He thinks it is funny. I know I have four other children watching to see what I'll do. Please help.

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Mother / Adult Daughter Question

When I was a child, due to unfortunate circumstances, my parents divorced and I ended up living with my dad during school months and my mom during the summer months. It was very sad for my mom and I to have to separate when I was such a young age. And unfortunately because I lived away from her she was never there when I had school issues, friend issues, etc. Certainly not the way she wanted, but that's how it was. My dad and her were on very bad terms so I rarely got to talk to her and it was all pretty superficial when I did get to talk...