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When to Switch from a Pediatrician to a Family Doctor?

L.H. asks from New York

I was wondering when is it a good time to take my son to our family doctor? Right now he goes to a pediatrician. I know I don't want to be taking a teenager to see a...


Pediatrician or Family Doctor

C.M. asks from St. Louis

Do your kids see a pediatrician or family practice doctor? If you had the chance to move from a Pediatrician to a family practice doctor 30 minutes CLOSER to home, wo...


Ped Suggests Its Time We Start Using "NO" Any Suggestions?

L.A. asks from New York

At the 9 month old check up, the ped asked all the usual developmental questions- does he respond to his name? will he search for a dropped or hidden object? how is h...


Looking for Pediatrician or Family Doctor

L.Z. asks from Detroit

We just moved to Michigan a few months ago, My daughter just turned 12 months and I need to get her in for a check up and shots, Im looking for a good family doctor o...


Pediatrician VS. Family Doctor?????

M.H. asks from Kansas City

I am due in about 8 weeks and can't really make up my mind on wether my newborn should see a pediatrician or just our regular family doctor. My mother is a nurse at ...


Need Pedi Md, Pedi Dentist/ortho Southlake Area

M. asks from Dallas

i need a good refernce for a good pedi physician, a good dentist and ortho as well in the southlake area. thank you!


What Kind of Doctor??

M.C. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, just wondering what you think??? Do you see a pediatrician or a family doctor?? What do you recommend?? Thanks.


What Age Do You Use a Family Doctor Rather Then a Pediatrician

A.D. asks from Detroit

hi everyone has been so long since ive even been on here for all of you that remember my post about my hubby having a accident at work like 6 months ago he is finally...


Seeking Pedi Doctor

M.R. asks from Houston

Does anyone know or could recommend a doctor for My boys (6 and 3) I live in the Westimer and S.Gessner area. I just moved here from Atlanta, Ga. Thank you


Seeking Pedi. Accepting Medicaid

L.C. asks from Dallas

Has anyone used Dr. Epifania Caturay or Dr. Christina Robinson with the Pediatrics & Adolescent Center in Grand Prairie? What was your experience? Seeking a pediatr...