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Bad College Choice by Daughter

M.C. asks from Detroit

My daughter is 18. She has lived with her dad for the past 7 years. She wanted to live with him, so I turned over custody. I have had very little to do with my daug...


Do Parents Pay for Masters Degrees??

L.O. asks from Detroit

My sil was telling me that they have saved enough money to pay for 3 kids to go to college and get a masters degree. We are saving for college for our kids but neve...


20 Yr Old Daughter Wants to Move in with Her Boyfriend and His Family

D.T. asks from Dallas

My daughter who is now 20 moved in with her father at 18 (senior in high school) basically because his house rules were much more relaxed then mine. She is now 20, ha...


Recession Blues

C.E. asks from Miami

How do you deal with life when $ is so-o-o tight? How do you save and stay calm? I feel like crying everyday because I am so scared we are going to lose our house and ...



A.S. asks from Dallas

Hi there, have any of you moms ever filed chapter 7 bankruptcy? If so do the trustee's or any creditors get to come into your home and take what they want to repay ...


Money Trouble, Buying Food, Etc. I Dont Know What to Do Please Help Us.

A.F. asks from St. Louis

We have been having major money troubles, to the point where we literally have no food in our house. i dont have one single can of vegetables to offer my kids right no...


Needing Advice on Divorce Issue in Paulding County

S.C. asks from Atlanta

Hi. My husband and I have decided to divorce. We have been married 8 1/2 years, together 10. We have a 2 year old. We have been separated for just about 1 month...


Life Insurance for My Grand Baby

L.C. asks from New York

Can i start a insurance policy for my grand baby


Legitimate Paying Stay at Home Work

A.M. asks from Dallas

Need valid options for stay at home work. I have decent typing skills. Don't want to pay anything out to start job. I am currently trying mystery shops but not gett...


Have Two Grown Children How Do I Get Them Out of My House?

M.C. asks from Spokane

I am a single parent of two grown children. They are both young adults 20&21. They wont work wont go to school, only do choirs around the house when they want. I can n...