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My Daughter Refuses to Listen About Money.

D.L. asks from Panama City

When my daughter go her first job over the summer we told her we weren't going to tell her how to spend the money or make her save it. We wanted her to learn these le...


Teen Daughter Disrespectful

L.F. asks from Washington DC

I am divorced and have a 13 year old daughter. My boyfriend has moved in with us. She and I had discussed his moving in prior to him doing so and at first they got ...


Housing Options

M.R. asks from San Francisco

Hi- This is such a great group, thank you for so generously sharing your advice. I now have another question- financial/housing- We are trying to figure out what t...


Mother Daughter Relationship - Bonding

S.T. asks from San Antonio

I want to just throw in the towel! We are a Christian family of (5) husband, oldest(boy) away at college, 13 year daughter (my challenge) and 7 year (boy) - mom and ...


Relationship Problems with My Adult Daughter

V.S. asks from Sacramento

My 25 year old daughter seems to have gone through a change in the last year. We have always gotten along well and been very close. She does have a history of big te...


My Daughter Was Accepted to Arizona in Tucson, Her dream...she Got Scholarships

R.R. asks from El Paso

The $$ is being divided into 4 semesters, and hasnt been transferred to her yet (I was told) my daughter was worried and I was advised by her counselor to tell her & ...



K.B. asks from Fresno

I was hoping someone could help me. My husband and I are in the process of buying our first house. I am just getting confused with the loan process. We got prequalifi...


Step Daughter Getting Married

G.S. asks from Goldsboro

My step daughter is getting married in September. She will graduate in June, turn 19 in August and get married in September. I am really glad that she has decided t...


Help W/29 Yr Old Son

R.N. asks from Cleveland

I need advice about my son, he's 29 and he moved back home about 1 year ago, he had lost his job awhile earlier , now he was loosing his house. He was on crack. I kep...


What Do People Usually Do?

Y.I. asks from Dallas

My daughter is in junior college and we are trying to plan for the junior and senior year at a regular college. What do people usually do to pay for college? She won...