Parent & Teacher Meetings

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After Reading the "Teacher" Question, What Kind of Parent Are You?

L.U. asks from Seattle

Curious, Do you consider yourself to be a helicopter parent? How much interaction do you have with your child's teacher? Do you email once a week, once a month, o...


Teacher Put Purell down My Son's Ear...

J.T. asks from Little Rock

My son is 15 and the class is right after lunch period. He is recovering from an illness and hasn't been sleeping very well at night because of his illness. On this d...


Helping at School?

T.J. asks from Sacramento

My DD's teacher said something to me that shocked me: "I haven't had a parent volunteer in my class before." This is a friendly, fun, organized teacher who has been...


Preschool Teacher - Sorry, I'm Long-winded!

C.R. asks from Seattle

Hi Mamas! So, my 4-year-old daughter started preschool this year - yikes! She was super nervous and in tears not wanting to go... BUT, now she loves it and wants t...


My Daughter Won't Listen to Her New Preschool Teacher

P.W. asks from Memphis

Hi! I need some advice on what to do here... My daughter is 31/2 years old and has been in preschool since she was 2. She is a sweet girl and her preschool teacher...


Teacher Wants to Do a Focus Chart... I Am a Bit Concerned..

L.O. asks from Detroit

as per the recent report card and teacher conferences.. my 3rd grade daughter is easily distractable and having a hard time focusing in class. The teacher came up wi...


Teacher with Cell Phone in Class Room?

E.Z. asks from Los Angeles

So, I have another question that I hope you moms can help me out with. Does anyone of you know what are the guidelines for teachers - in terms of what they can and c...


Refusing School

A.N. asks from Dubuque

My daughter is 4+ and she refuse to go to school , she cry and cling onto my leg whenever I want to bring her into the classroom ... There was only one time when I fo...


Son's New 2Nd Grade Teacher

K.B. asks from Salt Lake City

OK Mamas...I know my son is not an angel but he's not the "Bully" at school either. He does speak his mind and will let you know his opinion; it's in his star sign (...


ThaNo Response from Teacher Regarding an Issue I Emailed Her About. What to Do?

A.R. asks from Columbus

Ok. So I picked up my daughter from kindergarten on tuesday and when she walked to the car I could tell her shoes were tied together. So I asked her abour it and sh...