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Getting Pregent After D&c

M.R. asks from San Francisco

can u still get pregent if ur periods r 2 months apart?


Trying to Conceive

B.W. asks from Salt Lake City

With my first child, we got pregnant in 2 months. With my second child, we got pregnant the very first month! We have now been trying for a third for 7 months now!!...


Taking Longer than Anticipated!!!!!

H.P. asks from Corpus Christi

Well my husband and I have been "not actively trying" to have another baby for almost 5 months now. It took 4 months for our daughter. I always thought that after you...


Trying to Have a Baby!!

T.W. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms I am a 33 year old trying to get pregnant. I had a non-hormonal IUD for 10 years. I recently had it taken out in June 2008. The doctor told me that I ca...


Counting Pregnancy Weeks

M.R. asks from Cleveland

So I'm 21 weeks. So i figure i'm 5 months prego but i'm in my 6th month. I'm on my fourth pregancy so i'm knda familiar with counting weeks. Or so I think..lol But i ...


Implantation....... Conception

E.T. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, Just wondering if some ladies who where trying to get pregnant, could tell when the Egg implanted itself in the Utureus? When is the absolute Soonest...



H.S. asks from Boston

My husband and I would like to have another child and I was wondering if anyone knew exactly which days of the month are the best to conceive? With our first it happ...


When You Tried to Make Baby #2..

C.S. asks from Salt Lake City

How long did it take after you quit birth control? I realize everyone's different, but baby #1 happened so abruptly, of course, I expected trial #2 to happen the sam...


I Need Help

D.I. asks from Asheville

I am asking for help I am trying to get preg with my secound child and seem to be haveing trouble. any tips Should I be trying right before my periond or after is to ...



A.R. asks from Los Angeles

My husband & I are trying to conceive our 2nd child. We have a wonderful 6 yr. old boy & have wanted another child for a while now with no such luck getting pregnant...