Ovulation Calendar

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L.R. asks from Huntsville

According to my ovulation calculation and dates I should have ovulated starting the 22nd of this month, but I just acquired all the signs of ovulation on yesterday. C...



D.B. asks from Dallas

I am going to start tracking my ovulation to begin trying for baby #2 this June. Yipee! Is there a kit or website that anyone suggests? I Googled it and there are...



A.M. asks from Minneapolis

We are working on baby #2 and I have a question or two. I have been off of the pill since April and for some reason in March and April did not get my period and then...


Ovulation Date

C.E. asks from San Francisco

Hi moms! If I were one day ahead of my ovulation date, will there be a possibility that I can get pregnant? For example, according to the conception calendar that I l...


Ovulation Tests??

J.K. asks from Honolulu

Has anyone used ovulation tests for birth control? I'm still breastfeeding and think the pill decreased my supply so I stopped taking it and want to track my ovulati...


Ovulation Kits????

J.S. asks from Kansas City

I have never used anything like this before. I want information from people who have used ovulation kits and had luck. Which ones did you use? Again I am totally c...


Ovulation Question

M.Y. asks from Los Angeles

Hi ladies. I sort of have a dumb question. I feel like I should know this but I don't so that's why I am calling this my dumb question. Anyways my husband and I are t...


Ovulation Kits

A. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, Well, DH and I have decided to try for #2! Ive just visited my OB/GYN for my consultative visit, have my prenatals, etc. Have any of you used a good o...


Confused on Ovulation

S.M. asks from Stockton

My first child was a surprise and looking back now I dont remember the dates of everything to see when it was that I got pregnant in relation to having my period and ...


Ovulation Kits

L.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, My husband and I recently decided to start trying for our first baby. YEA!!!! My doctor told me I should try a simple ovulation kit in order to get a better id...